Saturday, April 14, 2018

Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers: This blog is for you! #grateful&thankful

New Orleans Half Marathon and the Oak Barrel Half Marathon complete with ZERO foot pain! 

It's been two years since I have been able to say this...TWO YEARS! I had forgotten what it was like to run with no foot pain whatsoever, so the last month and a half has felt AMAZING. I am even more grateful and thankful when I run...more so than ever. :-) Foot pain at night, foot pain at work, foot pain while running, foot pain during was there. All. the. time. What I considered a "good day" would be a pain level of 3 or feels amazing to say, once again, that it is now at ZERO. I am now able to run a half marathon distance (my FAVORITE distance) pain free, and once again, and I will keep saying it, I am SO grateful and thankful! 

First of all, I want to thank Nesin Therapy Services for being so wonderful and so patient with me during physical therapy. I can't brag on them enough. I was given so many recommendations and suggestions to help not only ease the pain but heal the pain, and for that I'm thankful. I also continue to thank Bikram Yoga Huntsville for keeping me encouraged, strong, and fit so getting back into running wasn't as much of a struggle as it could be. I love the hot pilates and the hot yoga classes so much! :-) Also, Dr. Ocampo at Sportmed for giving me the honest and sound advice for the last two years when I would hobble into his office swearing that I had a stress fracture or something torn, and each time it was that darn plantar fasciitis bullcrap. 

I wanted to post some links of recommendations for you that really helped me during this difficult time. *I am not a doctor or a physical therapist, just a plantar fasciitis sufferer for the last two years.* I hope these products helped you like they helped me, whether you are a runner or not.

Yes, these are amazon associate links, so if you plan on purchasing, if you can purchase from the link, that would be great. :-) <3 font="" nbsp="">

I will be honest, in the beginning (at least for me), IT HURT A LOT. My main focus was to roll my calves because that's what my physical therapist instructed me to do, but I continue to roll my entire leg along with my feet (owwwww). I will say if you roll 2-3 times a day, it will get easier and it won't feel as bad. It truly made a difference in my calf soreness. What does your calves have to do with your plantar fasciitis pain? Believe it or not, it is one of the common causes for plantar fasciitis pain. 

2) Spiky Massage Ball

Once again, IT'S A PAIN in the beginning of using this, but I have seen GREAT results from it! I still continue to use it. I keep mine in the bathroom, and when I brush my teeth, I roll out both of my feet with this. Now it's just part of my routine. :-) 

3) Orthosleeve FS6 Compression Foot Sleeves

OH MY GOSH. When all the plantar fasciitis pain started, THIS WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY. I had a friend recommend these, and these helped SO MUCH when it came to my running. I'm not sure if I would have been able to run without this. Also, I'm a teacher, and on the days at work when I had serious foot pain, I would wear these and it made a huge difference! :-) You'll notice some are a different brand and out! I tried those and they aren't worth wasting money on. 

4) Natracure Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap

After a long race or a long day at work when the foot pain was unbearable, I would take Aleve and prop my feet up with these will watching tv...very comfortable and it did its job! 

5) Toe Separators

I know you're probably going to think I'm crazy for this one, but I have seen a difference in how my toes look and how I have less pain in my feet due to these! I had a stranger recommend these to me at a half marathon, and I thought it was weird, but I gave it a try. I put them on while I am watching tv or reading in the evening...I don't recommend wearing them to work or while running...ouch! It gives your toes a good stretch. 

6) OOFOS Sandals and Shoes! 

I wear this brand ALL THE TIME now since they have come out with a shoe option. They are the only brand that I wear to work at this point since I am a teacher and I am on my feet all day! Compared to Viotics and other shoes like these, OOFOS are the most comfortable shoes I've ever own! :-) The pictures provided are women's examples, but there are different styles for both women and men, I'm just showing my favorites! 

Here are my top 6 product recommendations. Once again, I'm not a doctor or a physical therapist, I'm only showing what I know has worked for me. It is always important to see a doctor if you are experiencing a lot of pain; that's how I got such great advice and how I was able to slowly get rid of this pain once and for all! Like I already mentioned, I went to physical therapy (thanks Nesin!), and I also was recommend prescription orthotic inserts where they mold your feet and create that special insert for you (thanks Sportsmed!).

Healing and taking a break from running (if recommended by your doctor) are important too! Once again, I hope these products can help ease your pain like they have for me! 

Until next time, feel free to message me if you have any questions! 

Remember...YOU could be a runner too! Go for a run; it might change your life. <3 div="">

-Holly :-)