Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mountain Mania 15k, CFA 10K, and being a "slow" runner

I wanted to start off by saying that my last blog on hypothyroidism had the MOST views that I have ever had, and I was able to message back and forth with ten different people on their questions/frustrations regarding hypothyroid and being active. This is what I love about the Huntsville running community...we help each other out! When I had running/fitness questions, I always got answers, so thanks to everyone that makes We Run Huntsville the awesome group of runners that it is!! :) If I have talked to you once or even 100 times, it doesn't matter...THANK YOU!

It's only been a little over two weeks since school let out and this teacher started her summer vacation, and WOW! It hasn't even felt like two weeks; it has felt much longer (which is a good thing!). David was on travel for work for the first week and a half of my break, but now he is back home, and that makes me happy:-) I can't believe it will be our 4 year anniversary in July! I have seen my nephews already, and will see them some more, which has been GREAT! I have already started on my "to-do" list for around the house...I will be honest, the week of Memorial Day I was a LAZY sack of skin! I didn't want to do anything but eat, sleep, watch tv, read, and run;-)
After the laziness went away, I ran my first race for the summer...MOUNTAIN MANIA 15K! It was at the Burningtree Country Club in Priceville, and WOW...what a race! I don't know if it was the timing of the hills on the mountain, the time of year (HEAT), or whatever else, but it felt much more difficult than Oak Barrel had been for me. Crazy, I know. I did REALLY like the flat stretch around miles 4-6...I was really trying to get some speed in and go as fast as I could with speed intervals (sprint-comfort pace-sprint-comfort  pace...repeat!). It was a small race (which I like smaller local races!) and I ended up getting 3rd in my age group because of that (and got a Fleet Feet gift card to boot! woo hoo:-P) ! With the hills, I got very close to a 10 minute pace, and I couldn't have been more surprised, because those hills had me huffing and puffing when I was walking up them!!! My goal was to keep Troy and Susan in my sight, and I was able to until the last couple miles of the 9.3! It was great to run the previous Saturday with them to get an idea on how our paces are somewhat close together!
And what's next?! The CFA Race in Decatur! Woo hoo! I have finished the 5k race there for the past two years, and this year will be the first time that I run the 10k! I remember the race always being SO HOT, but it is VERY flat. I would LOVE to do a sub 60 minute 10k....so I am going to try to beat that goal with speed intervals, along with the help of my sister of course! :D Here is a group picture of the Legacy Ladies in our cow printed tutus from last year's 5k race! :)
And this year's costume idea? Well, I will give you a hint...it is from a past marketing cow design that I thought was super cute...and I still have my stuffed hippie CFA cow that gave me inspiration! But here is some of the art that will be on my running tee!!

But yes, I am super excited about getting crafty and getting mine and Heather's shirts ready! And the CFA race is ALWAYS a fun one! There is a lot of fun activities for the kids while you or your loved ones are racing and some yummy CFA biscuits to eat. The money goes toward the Winshape Camps for kids...which is fantastic! Can't go wrong with that! :) And of course, you will have to see the life of the party....
I am looking forward to Saturday! I will have my sweet adorable nephews to keep me busy these next few days, so it will be here before I know it! 

I would like to end this blog with a thought that I had on Monday. So, on Monday, I was a lazy pants and did not get up and run that morning...I hit my alarm clock and went back to sleep. I knew that I would TOTALLY regret it because it would be SO HOT later on, but I went out at 2:30 in the afternoon and did it anyway. Oh my gosh, I was so miserable. It was hot, and barely ANY wind. Even though the greenway trees kept me somewhat cool where it was shaded, it was still humid and hot....and this was my first run by myself in a long time. I have either been with one or more people, which is awesome to have running buddies that keep you motivated, but sometimes, it is just nice to go for a solo run.
On my run though, like I always do, I started thanking God for the ability to get in my car, drive, and go for a run. I thank Him for my health and for helping me be motivated to stay active about my health. This is one of the many things that I thank God for when I can and in the moment that I think of it, because I never want Him to think that I am ungrateful. As I was running and thinking, I thought about how tired and hot I was, and how much slower that I was being because of the heat. But then...I got to thinking...I am not slow. I mean, what is "slow"? What's slow to me is a different definition than someone that runs a 15 minute mile or a 5 minute mile. Why do I care so much about being "fast" or "slow"? But I do. I like to think about it to keep me motivated and to allow myself to keep pushing myself to become better (I like to be competitive with myself!), but I never should be hard on myself for it...and you shouldn't either. You know what's slow? The person on the couch that physically COULD be doing something, but doesn't (and yes, I am talking about running right now, but it could be about anything active).. That's what I need to remember when I am pushing myself too hard mentally...and I know where that limit is. What was "slow" to me on Monday would have been my "fast" two years ago. As Walt Disney once said,  you keep moving forward. Progress is good. Progress takes time. 

And on that note, I will end! Take care and have a GREAT week! Stay safe with this NASTY weather!!!