Monday, November 21, 2016

Holly's Blog...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Remember when I casually mentioned in my last blog post in JUNE about foot pain?! Well, it is plantar fasciitis. :( I haven't blogged since I went to Sportsmed and was told this news, "Well, it could be 4 weeks, or years until you are fully over it." :( :( :( I've been dealing with this foot for 6 months, coming on 7 months...

I figured a video would be quicker since I haven't blogged in 5 MONTHS! This school year has been hectic and stressful, it's honestly the most stressful school year that I have had next to my first year of teaching, and when I would have time to blog, I would just get sad and think about my foot...I know, I know, cry me a river...and I need to build a bridge and get over it.

I've been in an off and on running slump (foot pain is no fun) for the past few months, but I can honestly say that my foot is slowly getting better, I am seeing progression (praise God!) but I do have random painful days. I keep telling myself to focus on my accomplishments in the last few months and not the negatives. Like I mentioned in the video, I've dealt with anxiety & depression most of my life, and I know what I need to do when I go through a frustrating time like this. Here are some things that have helped:

*prayer/reading my Bible 
*listening to music
* listening to encouraging and caring people
* writing 
*Bikram Hot Yoga (hey, laugh all you want, but my knees are HEALED thanks to Bikram! Now to fix this foot!)
*volunteering at races 
*spending time with David 
*icing or heating my foot, depending on the pain level
*night splint 
*physical therapy exercises 
*eating ice cream to feel better (no, not every day)
*running/walking at races, and not being hard on myself, but being thankful <3 div="" nbsp="">

My next big race? I signed up for the St Jude Country Music Marathon in April, and I'm fundraising for St. Jude (click here to go to my fundraising page). I know this will help me get out of this slump and get motivated to run longer distances. This isn't for a PR, it's for prove to my own self that I can run 26.2. 

You know what I can't get off my mind? Mountain Mist. I DNF'd this past January, and the stubborn runner in me wants to attempt it in 2017 to get that DNF monkey off my back and out of my mind. Part of me thinks I could train and do it, but the other half is saying to wait because of this foot and to not be stupid. 

I'll blog in December, and I'll let you now what I decide. :-O Until then, have a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday! 

-Holly :)